Would you like to be notified directly when classes are cancelled?

Sign up for Iowa School Alerts — a FREE e-mail notification service provided by the State of Iowa!
This school district is a participant in the Iowa School Alerts program, which means you can sign up to receive free e-mail notifications when classes for our district, or a particular school building, are to be closed, dismissed early or started late due to weather or other circumstances.
How to Sign Up
Click on “Sign Up!” in the Main Menu at https://schoolalerts.iowa.gov. This will take you to the “Enterprise A&A” screen for the State of Iowa. If you already have an account with the State (say, for another online application), there’s no need to create another one.
Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your name and e-mail address, and create secret questions and your password. This step involves obtaining a code from an e-mail sent to you to confirm your registration.

Once you have created and confirmed your account registration, you will be taken back to the School Alerts site where you can click on “My Subscriptions” to add the school districts/buildings you would like to receive notices for. Once you’ve selected a school, you are asked to enter the e-mail addresses or cell phone addresses where you would like notifications sent. You can add as many e-mail addresses as you’d like! (Please note that some wireless services providers may charge you for receiving e-mails or text messages. You are responsible for those charges.)
That’s it! After signing up you will receive e-mail notifications directly from the school whenever classes are cancelled. You can review your alert settings and all current notifications for the state at any time by visiting the Iowa School Alerts website: https://schoolalerts.iowa.gov.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1 : Signing up
Click on the "Sign Up" link on the left nav bar or the "Sign Up" image button found in the upper middle portion of the screen. You will then be directed to the Enterprise A&A service where you will create a State Of Iowa user account.
Step 2 : Create Account - Enter Name
Enter your First and Last Name.
Click the "Register" button.
Step 3 : Create Account - Enter Details
A suggested account Id has been populated for you, but you may change it.
Enter your email address and confirm it.
Click the "Save Account Details" button.
Step 4 : Create Account - Submit Alert Message
An alert message will pop up letting you know that any spaces or most special character you may have used in your Account Id will be removed.
Step 5 : Create Account - Processing
An image of gears will appear in the place of the "Save Account Details" and "Cancel" buttons were while the application processes your request for a new account.
Do not close your browser or use your back button until you see a confirmation screen.
Step 6 : Create Account - Confirmation Sent
The confirmation screen will appear once your account request was processed successfully.
This screen informs you that an email was sent to you that will provide more information on how to complete your account registration.
Read the confirmation screen carefully as it provides helpful information should you have problems creating your account.
Step 7 : Create Account - Confirmation Email
Click to open or Copy and Paste the URL from the email into a browser.
The email contains detailed instructions on how to complete the registration process.
Step 8 : Confirm Account
Enter the Registration Token if not populated already for you. The Registration Token can be found in the Confirmation Email.
Enter the letters and number you seen in the Security CAPTCHA image. If you can not make out the characters click the "Get me one I can read!" button as many time as you need.
Click the "Confirm My Account" button.
Step 9 : Account Identity Baseline Setup
The Account Identity Baseline feature allows you to set up security questions that later if you forget your password will allow you to use the answers to these questions to authenticate you and allow you to change your password.
Select the questions and input the answers to those questions.
Click on "Save Identity Baseline".
Step 10 : Change Password
Your account is now fully created and all is left if for you to set your password.
Enter a password and confirm it. Use the password rules found on the bottom of the Change Password screen to create a secure password.
Click "Save New Password"
Step 11 : Logon to continue
Now that the account is created you can Login to continue to Iowa School Alerts.
See the "Logging On" section of Help for more details.
Step 12 : Viewing the Account Home Page
After successfully logging on, My Account Home Page will be shown.
Refer to other Help pages to assist with other Iowa School Alerts functions.

Step 13: Click on My Subscriptions

Follow the subscription wizard to add what schools you wish to receive notices about.

Step 14: Refine your search by clicking on School Districts and entering IKM-Manning in the search term box. Now click on go.
Step 15: Should be able to select IKM-Manning CSD
Step 16: Add e-mail and cell phone info.

Step 17: Should this info on screen

Only time you will need to return to this screen is to unsubscribe or add/delete phone or email address. Please note that you can enter multiple phones and cell phones under each account. Therefore, a family could register one time and then enter information for all household email and cell phone accounts.


Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?
There is no charge to sign up for Iowa School Alerts. Funding has been provided by the IOWAccess Advisory Council, which seeks to bring more e-government services to the citizens of Iowa. Please note, however, that you are responsible for any fees charged by your wireless provider for receiving messages.
How does it work?
Your school’s administration logs in from any computer with an Internet connection and creates one message, which is then sent to everyone who has signed up to receive notices for the affected school district/buildings. Media outlets, day care providers, school staff and others are also being encouraged to sign up for notices. The computer application was designed by staff at the Iowa Department of Administrative Services.
Who do I contact with questions?
Contact the school’s administration office or send an e-mail to schoolalertsinfo@iowa.gov.