Wednesday, October 22, 2014



We will be following the 2:30 dismissal bell schedule today.  Study Table will be held in the commons area today after the early dismissal.  Any student may attend study table whether he or she is waiting for extracurricular practices to begin or not.  Any students who remain in the building after the 2:30 dismissal must be in the commons for study table.  You may not be anywhere else in the building without specific permission from staff.


SOPHOMORES: The Jostens rep will be here TODAY to take orders during seminar and lunch.


6th period weights should report to study hall on Thursday.


SENIORS:  Please remember that your graduation orders are due TOMORROW.  Herff Jones will be set up outside the cafeteria on that date to help you with graduation orders over the lunch hour. 


JUNIORS & SENIORS:  On Thursday, Central College will be here at 10:30 a.m. and the Briar Cliff rep will be here at 11:30.  Sign up sheets for all three reps are on the table outside of the guidance office.


Students should be sure to check the off-season storage for any lost clothing items.  Anything left on Friday, October 24 will be removed from the school.

Educational Talent Search Meetings will be held on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, in the ICN room.  Students are reminded that they must check in with their teachers BEFORE reporting to their Talent Search meeting.  The schedule is as follows:

1st Period - SENIORS:

Sarah Birks, Dakota Cadwell, Tracy Cole, Katelyn Schechinger, Austin Willenborg

 2nd Period - FRESHMEN:

Tiffani Beck, Lucas Brown, Ashlee Brus, Taylor Croghan, Chance Gruhn, Justina Malone, Katelyn Wanser

3rd Period - SOPHOMORES:

Jasmine Bauer, Nicholas Birks, Eliza Grabill, Kourtney Grimm, Sam Gross, Kody Niehaus, Ronnie Sorensen

4th Period - JUNIORS:

Josie Amsden, Jessica Croghan, Vanessa Freese, KaLee Hansen, Noah Harlow, Ashlynn Lingle, Cole Lingle, Tyler Lohrmann, Sydney Macumber, Nate Peters, Shiloh Petersen, Jessica Singsank


Students interested in taking Winter DriverŐs Ed with Mr. Spooner should sign up in the H.S. office.  A student must be 14 years of age and possess a valid Instruction Permit prior to the beginning of the session.   Deadline to sign up is Friday, Oct. 31.


Happy Birthday wishes today go out to:  .




            Wed., Oct. 22              2:30 DISMISSAL FOR TEACHER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

            Thurs., Oct. 23           2:30 DISMISSAL – PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES 4-8:00 PM

                                                Coed District Cross Country Meet @ Panorama – 3:30 p.m.

            Fri., Oct. 24                NO SCHOOL

                                                Varsity Football @ Underwood – 7:00 p.m.

            Sat., Oct. 25                ACT Test Date