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  • 2018 Senior Spotlights



    “Senior Spotlights”

    (Alphabetical Order by First Name)


    Abe Sybesma

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Abraham Ray Lee Sybesma is the son of Kadee and Jamien Sybesma, and Melissa and Brian. His favorite class is P.E. while outside of school he enjoys bowling, riding dirt bikes, and eating hot wings. Abe’s senior quote is, “Slow down turbo!” and his future plans are to become an airline pilot.



    Alexis Grace Dawson

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Alexis Grace Dawson is the daughter of Dan and Amy Dawson and has an older sister named Jade. When she finishes high school, Alexis plans to move to Ankeny and pursue a career working with makeup. Her hobbies include: watching movies, being on her phone and computer, hanging out with friends, spending time with family, going on adventures, shopping, working, sleeping, and eating.

    Alexis’s advice to underclassmen is, “Go out for sports, go out for musicals, study hard- don't slack, live the high school life to it’s fullest! Go to the dances and as many games as possible. GO TO PROM! Do everything you possibly can!” She recommends, “get all of the hard classes done and over with during your Freshman and Sophomore years because it will pay off.” Alexis’s senior quote is, “Don't worry what others think about you, because you'll be out of high school in a few years. Have fun while you can, because you’re only young once.”

    Alexis is inspired by, “My mom, who motivates me to remember that I will be out of high school soon, so I try my best, and live each day.” She has been involved with volleyball, winter swim team, track and field, fall musical, play, choir, and solo/ensemble choir. Mrs. Lottridge-Polzien is her favorite teacher and her favorite class is study hall. Crispitos, Chicken Alfredo, and Popcorn are her favorite foods, while her favorite songs are, “What If's, Young, Dumb and Broke,” and “No Hands.” Her favorite school memory has been going to football games, homecoming, and prom. After graduation, she is going to miss attending prom and the school pep rallies. The two musicals Alexis has performed in were High School Musical and A Family Reunion to Die For, while her favorite memory has been singing and dancing in High School Musical.


    Ashlee Brus

    By: Kyle Willenborg

    Ashlee Diane Brus is the daughter of Jerry and Brenda Brus, and has three brothers Jake, Justin, and Jerred. Her future plans are to attend college and pursue photography and graphic design. Ashlee’s favorite class is Art, and she recommends underclassmen take as many art classes as possible.

    Ashlee’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Ahrenholtz, and her favorite hobby in her free time is taking pictures. Ashlee was a member of the school play A Family Reunion to Die For her freshman year. Her favorite school memory was following the “Greenhand Fire Up” event her freshman year when Ben Booth, the Agriculture Instructor, was returning FFA members back to their houses and accidentally backed the school suburban into her ditch. After graduation, Ashlee will miss “seeing her friends everyday at school.”

    Ashlee’s favorite artist is Thomas Rhett and favorite genre of music is country, while her personal motivation is, “seeing what others do-makes me want to do better.” Ashlee has been a member of the Honor Roll, FFA, 4-H, newspaper, and participated in school plays. Her advice to underclassmen is, “don’t make it a point for everyone to like you, because it’s not going to matter after high school,” while her senior quote is, “just wing it!”



    Austin William Ahrenholtz

    By: Kyle Willenborg

    Austin William Ahrenholtz is the son of Nate and Angie Ahrenholtz and has a younger sister Alexa and a younger brother Ashton. His hobbies include riding dirtbikes, snowmobiles, and spending time with family and friends. Austin’s biggest inspiration “has been his great grandparents Bill and Louise and his grandparents Dan, Sheryl, Barney, and Judy.” He plans on attending Iowa State University to earn a degree in Agricultural Engineering.

    Austin’s senior quote is, “it's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up,’’ and his advice to underclassmen is, “always look at things with a positive attitude.’’ The activities Austin participates in are National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Student Council, football, basketball, and golf. He recommends that “underclassmen take classes they enjoy, and to definitely take Mr. Casey’s classes if you are a hands on learner.”

    Austin's favorite genre of music is country and his favorite artist is Kenny Chesney. His favorite teacher is Mr. Casey and his favorite class with him has been Building Tech. Austin’s favorite memories in high school have been, “seeing his friends and playing sports as well as chest bumping with Mr. Wagner!”




    Blake Nicholas Diersen

    By: Kyle Willenborg

    Blake Nicholas Diersen is the only child of Nick and Dena Diersen. His current motivation is knowing that he’ll soon be done with high school, when he plans to get a full time job for two years, and then attend college for diesel mechanics and welding. His senior quote is, “Work hard, and play harder!” Blake encourages underclassmen to take classes that will benefit them in their everyday life as well as your future job. His advice to underclassmen is, “Just because someone says something to you, doesn't mean it is true, so keep your head up!”

    The activities Blake has participated in during high school include Honor Roll and newspaper. His hobbies include hunting, target shooting, fishing, working on cars, and listening to his favorite genres of music which are rap and hip-hop. Blake's favorite teacher is Mr. Casey and he enjoys all the shop classes he’s taken with him. His most memorable moment in high school is when he “shot Caleb Duff in the eye with a rubber band and gave him a black eye.”




    Caleb Joshua Duff

    By: Kyle Willenborg

    Caleb Joshua Duff is the son of Jennifer and Josh Duff and has a younger sister Katie. His plans are to attend Job Corp in Denison and then continue on to college for business and entrepreneurship. Caleb's advice to underclassmen is, “Might as well finish what you started,” and his senior quote is, “fear less, live more.”

    What inspires Caleb the most is living through people vicariously. He recommends that underclassmen take any of the classes Mr. Casey teaches. Caleb has enjoyed participating in the STEM Best Fire Class, and his favorite teacher has been Mrs. Skillen. Caleb’s most embarrassing moment in high school was getting hit by a car.




    Caleb Edward Lahr

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Caleb Edward Lahr is the son of Scott & Cheryl Lahr and has two older brothers Mitchell, Grant, and one younger sister Caitlin. His senior quote is, “I started high school with straight A's. Now I'm not even straight.” Caleb’s motivation is trying to prove everyone wrong when they say he won’t be successful.

    Caleb’s advice to underclassmen is, “take a computer class and get it out of the way.” During high school he has participated in Honor Roll, large group speech, all-state speech, choir, and vocal solo/ensemble.  Caleb’s favorite teacher has been Mrs. Drees, though his favorite class during school is Choir. His most memorable moment in school was “forging my dad's signature in 2nd grade, getting caught, and having to write an apology letter to my dad.”

    When Caleb graduates he will miss seeing the other kids he has been with since preschool. His hobby is hanging out with friends and his favorite food is Pepperoni pizza. Caleb’s favorite song is, “Love So Soft,” by Kelly Clarkson and his favorite musical artist is Adele. He plans on attending to the University of Iowa to major in business with a pre-medicine track. After he graduates, he plans to continue his education at the Iowa Carver College of Medicine, which is also a part of the University of Iowa, to complete medical school.



    Carter Keith Irlmeier

    By: Raine Meneough

    Carter Keith Irlmeier is the son of Bruce and Anissa Irlmeier and has two brothers, Mitchell and Cooper, along with two sisters, Miranda and Carley. Throughout high school he has participated in: team robotics, football, summer swim team, wrestling, basketball, track, soccer, marching band, pep band, concert band, jazz band, solo/ensemble band, musical, play, large group speech, choir, CYO, Honor Roll, and student council. After he graduates Carter plans on attending Simpson College and playing football. The two musicals he’s taken part in include Up the Down Staircase, High School Musical, and his favorite memory from the practice rehearsals was everyone yelling ‘START OVER!’ whenever somebody screwed up. Carter’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Lottridge-Polzien who teaches his favorite class, Sports Literature. His most beloved food served here in the school cafeteria happens to be the crispitos!

    Carter’s advice for underclassmen is to “cherish all four years, because they go by fast,” and his senior quote from Mr. Casey is,"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the heart in the dog in the fight." Carter finds daily motivation from his parents who taught him to “Try to do as many different things as you can.” One of his favorite school memories was “jumping and slamming into the lockers at full speed with my zoopals as part of the viral Spiderman Challenge.” Carter’s going to miss Football and seeing his friends everyday.



    Cassidy Sue Branning

    By: Raine Meneough

    Cassidy Sue Branning is the daughter of Kurt and Jackie Branning. Cassidy has two younger sisters, Lexi, and Emma. After high school Cassidy plans on attending Iowa State University to get her degree in elementary education and endorsements in Reading and Special Education. Throughout high school Cassidy has been involved in National Honor Society, Honor Roll, student council, cross country, basketball, track and field, the fall musical, the spring play, chorus, solo ensemble, 4-H, yearbook and CYO. Her favorite class is chorus, and she really enjoys the annual school musical and play. Cassidy has participated in Hee Haw Hayride, Zombie Night, Up the Down Staircase, High School Musical, A Family Reunion to Die For, and Cinderella.  Her favorite moment from her acting career was “having fun with my friends while putting on a show.” Cassidy’s advice for underclassmen is to, “try to get involved with as many activities as you can.”

    Cassidy believes you should “always be yourself,” and “when in doubt laugh it out!” Her inspiration is “God, my family, and friends” and her hobbies consist of hanging with all her friends and family. When asked who her favorite teacher is, Cassidy replied “all of them.” Everyone does something in high school that is unfortunately remembered long after it happens. Cassidy’s most embarrassing moment was “getting tripped up by the gym floor at a basketball game my sophomore year, and then another girl tripped over me.” Cassidy said what she’ll miss most about high school is “being around my friends everyday.”



    Cassie Marie Gross

    By: Elijah Deets

    Cassie Marie Gross is the daughter of Doug and Jean Gross, she has one sister Shelby and one brother Dalton. Cassie is motivated by, “waking up every morning and telling myself it's going to be a good day.”  

    Cassie is looking forward to receiving her diploma and plans to get a full time job after graduating. Her recommendation to underclassmen is to take Consumer Math, “because you learn things you will use in life.” Although Consumer Math has many lifelong skills, Cassie’s favorite class during high school has been Ceramics. Cassie Gross has been on Honor Roll and involved with FFA and CCD. Her most embarrassing moment in high school has been, “every time my voice cracks in front of the class,” but she adds “one day you'll laugh at how much you let other people’s opinions matter.” Cassie shared that when she graduates she is going to really miss her friends. Cassie’s favorite moment in high school is, “saying I love you to my sister everyday in the halls my senior year.”



    Chance Michael Gruhn

    By: Raine Meneough

    Chance Michael Gruhn is the son of Susan Gruhn and Mike Gruhn and is the brother of Brooke, Kylie, Lexi Gruhn, and Brandon Rickers. Throughout high school he has participated in FFA, 4-H, soil judging, and outside of school he likes to spend his time riding four-wheelers, showing cattle, and farming. After Chance graduates in the spring, he plans on attending Iowa Lakes Community College for an associates degree in agricultural mechanics.

    Chance’s senior quotes are “it doesn’t matter how deep you plow, just how many rounds you make,” and “if idiots could fly, this place would be an airport!” His motivation is, “being drawn closer to the light.” Mr. Booth is his favorite instructor and teaches one of his favorite classes, Plant Science. Chance’s other favorite class is Small Engines, which is taught by Mr. Casey. His favorite song is Amarillo Sky, sung by his favorite artist, Jason Aldean. Chance expects he will miss seeing his ‘good buddy,’ Mrs. Gross each day.





    Christopher Edwin Monson

    By: Raine Meneough

    Christopher Edwin Monson, more commonly known by students at IKM-Manning as “Chris-Money Monson,” is the son of Eric and Julie Monson. Chris is the youngest of the Monson family with an older sister named Courtney. After high school, Chris plans on attending college, obtaining a degree, and returning “to work on the farm.” After four years of high school, Chris’s current motivation is “knowing it’s my last year in high school.” Chris’s senior quote is, “If everyone fought fire with fire, the whole world would go up in smoke!”

    Plant Science is Chris’s favorite class, and the teacher of that class, Mr. Booth, is his favorite teacher. Chris recommends students take, “any class with Mrs. Skillen,” and his advice to underclassmen is, “don't put off homework or a project until the day its due-get ‘er done!” He enjoys listening to Kenny Chesney and Metallica, along with eating pizza, his favorite food. Throughout high school Chris has participated in football, basketball, trapshooting, FFA, soil judging, 4-H, and CYO. His favorite memory is “when we went 11-1 my freshman year in football, and reached the third round of the playoffs.” What Chris will miss most about high school is, “seeing all my friends everyday.”



    Coby Fineran

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Coby Lee Fineran is the son of Jeff & Kim Fineran along with having one brother Seth and three sisters Lexi, Erin, and Ayla. After graduating, Coby will miss hanging out with his friends the most, and he advises underclassmen to “Make some great memories!”  Coby recommends that other students should try everything in school because, “you won't know if you like it-if you don't try it.” His senior quote is from Dr. Seuss, “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

    Coby has been involved with Special Olympics basketball, bowling, track, and softball skills. His hobbies include: playing video games, drawing, watching movies, running/working out, and listening to music. Coby’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Hagedorn who teaches his favorite class, Life Skills. His most memorable moment was getting a gold medal in the Special Olympics 100 yard dash. Coby’s most embarrassing moment was “When my pants ripped while I was getting stuff out of my locker.” He plans on continuing at IKM-Manning until he’s twenty-one to work on job skills and take some classes at the local community college.




    Dillon Henry Hansen

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Dillon Henry Hansen is the son of Scott and Renee Hansen and has two sisters Emily and Sophia. His hobbies include watching Netflix, playing with his dog, and hanging out with friends. Dillon’s favorite artist is Dustin Lynch, who sings his favorite song, “Small Town Boy”.

    Dillon’s advice to underclassmen is, “You have four years of high school to make something of yourself. Make those four years an opportunity to branch out and try new things. Never feel like you can't do something,” and “Strive for greatness!” He advises underclassman to take as many college classes as they can as it will pay off in the long run! His senior quote is, “Follow your passion, it will lead you to your purpose.” The activities he has participated in throughout high school were: cross country, basketball, track, musical, choir, FFA, yearbook along with being on the Honor Roll.

    Dillon’s favorite school memory is when he was almost late to school, while almost “getting hit by a school bus-just to get a Frappé from the Manning Marketplace.” His most embarrassing moment was hearing his voice crack while singing a solo in, “High School Musical.” Dillon explained his best acting memory was, “seeing how successful the show was after we all worked so hard to learn our lines and perform our best!” Dillon’s future plans are to attend Iowa State University to earn a bachelor's degree in Animal Science. He then plans on going to graduate school to get a doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine. Dillon shared he will really miss, “being able to see all of my friends everyday, and remaining close to everyone that I've grown up with.”



    Elijah Lee Reissen

    By: Raine Meneough

    Elijah Lee Riessen, more commonly known as Eli, is the son of Brian and Heather Riessen, and has three sisters: Skyler, Sierra, and Gabby. After graduation he plans on attending DMACC in Ankeny to study Construction and Welding.  Eli’s advice for underclassmen is, “Have fun in high school-it goes by fast,” and his senior quote is, “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Eli enjoys eating enchiladas and listening to his favorite song, “I’m to Blame,” by Kip Moore, though his favorite artist is Toby Keith.

    Eli’s favorite class is any agriculture class taught by his favorite instructor, Ben Booth, because “he does a great job of keeping the classroom fun and hands on.” Throughout high school he has participated in football, basketball, football, baseball, trap shooting, chorus, FFA, 4-H, soil judging, student council, and track and field. Outside school Eli likes to spend his time “working, hunting, fishing, and hanging out with my friends.” During high school, his most embarrassing incident was “when I misspelled brownie,” and he’ll miss “seeing my friends everyday.”


    Hajime Okuda

    By: Raine Meneough

    Hajime Okuda is the son of Takumi & Shuko Okuda, the brother to Kotaro & Kanta, and the grandson of Tomijiro & Kadiko. As an exchange student staying here in America, Hajime currently lives with his host family, Doug & Tiffany McLaws and their two sons Tanner and Joel. Though he’s only been here for a year, Hajime has participated in cross country, basketball, track, baseball, musical, and the spring play. Hajime enjoys spending his time watching Anime, playing tennis, or listening to his favorite artist Michael Jackson.  After graduation he plans on returning to Japan for one more year of high school and then plans to attend Southern Utah for a college degree. Hajime’s favorite teacher is Mr. Vanderhorst, who teaches Social Studies, although his favorite class is Chorus.


    Hajime recommends underclassmen should, “do what you really want to do in school, and have as much fun as you can,” and his senior quote is, “Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience deceptive, judgement difficult.” His most memorable moment at IKM-Manning was Homecoming along with all the other exciting activities throughout the year, and he will miss seeing all the new friends he’s made.






    Hannah Fisher

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Hannah Abigail Fisher is the daughter of Vicki & Mark Fisher, and she has one brother John. Hannah’s future plans are to go to college for a degree in music education and then teach somewhere in the Midwest.  Her senior quote is by Cecil Palmer, "Knowledge may be terrible, but we can only prefer it to ignorance. Light may be terrible, but we can only prefer it to dark." She recommends for underclassmen, “not to pass up any of the fine arts classes, even if you're scared of being in front of people. Band, choir, speech, the fall musical, and the spring play are all a lot of fun and will teach you many life lessons!”

    Hannah has been a part of National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Quiz Bowl, marching band, pep band, concert band, jazz band, solo/ensemble band, musical, play, large group speech, individual speech, all-state speech, choir, honor choir, and solo/ensemble choir. Her hobbies are anything to do with music, “baking food that I can force my friends to take,” and reading both fiction and nonfiction,. Hannah’s favorite teacher is Ms. L.P., although her favorite class is Band which is taught by Mr. Runyan. Hannah’s favorite school memory is, “All the times spent on buses and in suburbans on the way to and from fine arts events-they were great! During my junior year, the Quiz Bowl team spent hours reading terrible fanfiction on the way to contests.” Her most embarrassing moment was “A good friend of mine, Sam Ebelhare, trusted me to carry her cupcakes to musical practice and I dropped them all over the hallway... twice.”

    Hannah has been in the following school plays/musicals: Hee Haw Hayride, Zombie Night, Ditch Day, Up the Down Staircase, High School Musical, A Family Reunion to Die For, Cinderella, and Night at the Wax Museum. She shared her most memorable moment during practice was “During Zombie Night, I was supposed to spend about ten minutes looking through a window and acting terrified on stage, but apparently I wasn't doing a good enough job, so Ms. Erb decided to spray me with water to make my acting more convincing!”


    Jacqueline Lingle

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Jacqueline “Jackie” Nicole Lingle is the daughter of Leonard & Paulette Lingle. Jackie has two sisters, Ashlynn who is older than Jackie, and Abby who is younger. Jackie’s two younger cousins Logan and Austin inspire her the most. Jackie has participated in volleyball, marching band, pep band, concert band, jazz band, honor band, solo/ensemble band, speech, 4-H, FFA, and large group ASA (All Strings Attached) or also known as the Carroll Area Symphony. Jackie’s hobbies include showing cattle, playing piano, and hanging out with friends.

    Jackie’s senior quote is, “Sometimes all you need is 10 seconds of insane courage to change your life,” and her advice to underclassmen is, “You do you and the people that like you, for you will stay around.” She recommends for underclassmen to “get involved in the extracurricular activities that our school provides by going out for FFA, Speech, musicals, plays, and helping with Special Olympics. Even if your friends don’t participate in them-you will make new friends while doing these activities.”

    Jackie loves being involved with band as well as any Agriculture class taught by her favorite teacher, Ben Booth. Jackie enjoys listening to country or pop music, and Brett Young is one of Jackie’s favorite artists. Jackie’s most embarrassing moment in high school was when she went to Seminar instead of her sixth hour class on an early out day. The one thing Jackie will miss the most after high school are all the Ag and Band trips she’s gone on over the years.




    Jared Michael Johnson

    By: Raine Meneough

    Jared Michael Johnson is the son of Wendy & Robbie Bandow and Jim & Sherry Johnson and has one older brother named Matt. Throughout high school he has participated in football, basketball, track and field, baseball, along with being a member of the Student Council and Honor Roll. After Jared graduates in the spring, he plans on attending college at the University of Iowa. History is his favorite subject in school, and Mrs. McCarville, who teaches English, is his favorite instructor. In his free time, Jared enjoys listening to his favorite band Motley Crue and eating pizza.

    From all the experiences he has had during school, his advice to underclassmen is “get all the required classes done right away,” and, “work hard.” Outside school, Jared likes to hunt, fish, and hang out with friends. His senior quote is from Coach Casey, “It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, it’s about the size of the fight in the dog.” His favorite memory from high school was “going to state basketball my sophomore year.” Jared will miss all the time he’s spent participating in athletics over the years and seeing his friends everyday.


    Jeffery Dean Naberhaus

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Jeffery Dean Naberhaus is the son of Tammie and David Naberhaus and has two siblings Tiffany and Michael. Jeffery’s future plans are to go into the Marines. He recommends to underclassmen to take P.E. instead of weightlifting. During high school Jeffery was a member of the football, wrestling, winter and summer swim teams. He will really miss playing sports regularly when he is out of high school, and his hobbies are hanging out with his friends and working. Jeffery's favorite class is Building Tech II which is taught by his favorite teacher Mr.Casey.



    Justina Malone

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Justina Katarina Malone is the daughter of Lawrence & Paula Malone. Justina has eight siblings: Megan, Rachel, Mickealea, Tom, LaDel, Jason, Morgan, and Emilio.  Her friends and family inspire her to do many things to the best of her ability. Justina’s future plans are to go to a college in the Denison area to complete her Gen. Ed’s and then attend Iowa State University to become a graphic designer.

    Justina’s advice to underclassmen is, “Getting through school is the easy part-going out into the world is the the hard part, but someone will always be there to help you.” Her senior quote is, “Everything happens for a reason.” Justina has been involved with the choir, Honor Roll, musical, and play including the Ditch Day and Up the Down Staircase. Her hobbies are painting, macrame, cross stitching, drawing, and working with her horse Storm. Her favorite food to eat is cheese while her favorite classes to attend are Math and Art.  Justina’s favorite song is “Speak to a Girl” by Tim McGraw, who sings her favorite musical genre-Country. Justina’s favorite teachers are Mrs. Hagadorn and Mrs. Fernading, and her favorite school memory was, “When someone hid behind the curtain during a practice in the auditorium and scared a group of students!”




    “Katelyn Crawford”

    By: Kyle Willenborg

    Katelyn Crawford is the daughter of Ryan and Heidi Crawford and has a younger brother Tanner. After graduation she plans on attending Iowa state University, and then graduate school to become a Physical Therapist. Her advice to underclassmen is to, “always work hard-and give your best effort in everything you do.” Katelyn’s favorite teacher in high school has been Mrs. McCarville although her favorite class is Anatomy. She also recommends that underclassmen try any sport or activity they may be interested in because you never know, if you don't try them.

    Katelyn's senior quote is, “I really need to get my life together.” The activities she has participated in include: National Honor Society, Honor Roll, volleyball, basketball, track, softball, musical, yearbook, and LYF (Lutheran Youth Fellowship). Katelyn’s hobbies include hanging out with her friends, and working out in her free time.

    Katelyn’s favorite school memory from high school is when the softball team went to state her freshman year. Her funniest moment also happened during her freshman year of softball  during a regular season game, when she dove to the ground after everyone yelled “heads up,” and ended up getting hit in the arm! More than anything else, Katelyn is going to miss seeing her friends in school each day.




    Katie Wanser

    By: Kyle Willenborg

    Katie Kae Wanser is the daughter of Donnie Wanser and Virginia Wanser, has two brothers Dylan, Bradley and three sisters Elizabeth, Stacy, and Abby Wanser. Her plans are to attend DMACC in Carroll and begin taking Early Childhood Education classes. Katie advices underclassmen to “Have fun while you can,” and her senior quote is, "We are born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for a moment that we're not alone."  -Orson Welles. She recommends for underclassmen to go out for cheerleading, and said “It's so much fun and you make so many new friends and great memories!” The activities Katie has been in are: Honor Roll, football cheerleading, basketball cheerleading, and Competition Cheerleading. After graduating, she is going to miss seeing her friends at school everyday.




    Kia Nicole Rasmussen

    By: Kyle Willenberg

    Kia Nicole Rasmussen is the daughter of Jen and Gene Rasmussen, has an older sister Kali, and three younger brothers Kyler, Amos, and Davis. Her future plans are to attend Simpson College and play basketball. “Standing up for what is right even when you are standing alone,” is something Kia strongly believes in, and her senior quote is, “You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.” She has participated in National Honor Society, Honor Roll, student council, volleyball, basketball, track, gymnastics, and the fall musical. Mr. Rasmussen is Kia’s favorite teacher, and her favorite school memory is when the team went to state basketball her freshman year. Her most embarrassing moment was, “during a varsity boys basketball game I spilled popcorn on the gym floor and they had to stop the game so I could pick it up!”  




    Lillie Ceminsky

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Lillie Clara Ceminsky is the daughter of Nancy and Jason Goodwin and Kelly Ceminsky. Lillie has two sisters Emily and Taylor and one brother Trevor. Her future plans are to move to Ankeny and attend DMACC to earn a degree as an registered nurse. Then she hopes to continue her education at Iowa State University to receive her BSN so she can specialize in obst_trics.  Lillie is motivated by, “Other people's strength when times are tough.”

    Lillie’s advice to underclassmen is, “Don't get wrapped up in the drama, it will not matter in the future-just live your life how you want and be happy!” She suggests underclassmen to get involved in speech, theater, and cheerleading because it's fun to perform in front of an audience! Lillie also recommends other students to take as many college classes as you can in high school, because you'll thank yourself in the end. Her senior quote is, “Do more things that make you forget to check your phone.” The activities she has been involved with are: Honor Roll, Mathcounts, track and field, golf, musical, play, large group speech, individual speech,  choir, solo/ensemble choir, along with football and basketball cheerleading. Lillie has been involved in the following plays and musicals: Hee Haw Hayride, High School Musical, A Family Reunion to Die For, she also stated that her favorite acting memory was “laughing at Shauna on stage when I was supposed to be yelling at her.”

    Lillie’s hobbies are hanging out with friends and her boyfriend, babysitting, watching movies, and hanging out with her sister. Her favorite teacher is Jenni Erb, but her favorite class is Pre-Calculus. Lillie likes any music that's ‘upbeat’ and makes you happy. Her favorite school memory goes way back to kindergarten days, when it was exciting to get chocolate milk with her snack. Lillie’s most embarrassing moment of high school was at track practice during her freshman year when they were running stairs and she fell while everyone was watching. She is going to miss seeing her friends in school everyday, both her fellow seniors and underclassmen.



    Lucas Michael Brown

    By: Raine Meneough

    Lucas Michael Brown is the son of Hope Brown and the brother of Ambyr and Quentin. After he graduates he plans on attending Iowa Central College to major in education and obtain a degree in mathematics. Lucas would also like to coach high school football someday. He recommends for underclassmen to “Stay in high school-you aren’t paying tuition to be here,” and his senior quote is, “Make your life like a buzzer beater and save everything for the last second!”

    Lucas has been a part of the football, basketball, and track teams, as well as Honor Roll, and FFA. He enjoys playing Madden, eating Chicken Alfredo, and he finds motivation by working at McDonald’s. Lucas likes listening to Rap Music and his favorite song is “Life,” by Desiigner featuring Gucci Mane. Lucas’s favorite class is Drawing, and his favorite teacher is Mr. Vanderhorst, who teaches Social Studies. His most embarrassing moment was “getting knocked unconscious in football practice, during his sophomore season, by Nate Ranniger.” Lucas’s favorite school memory was “when the IKM students merged with the Manning students in 5th grade.”


    Mariah Klocke

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Mariah Jean Louise Klocke is the only daughter of Kenny and Paula Klocke and she is motivated by her mom and her dog, Daisy. Mariah’s advice to underclassmen is, “It goes fast-so have fun,” while her senior quote is, “She turned her can’ts into cans, and her dreams into plans.” Mariah advises underclassmen to take Comp FCS, “because in that class you learn a lot of things that will help you in the future.” She has been a class officer, part of National Honor Society, Honor Roll, volleyball, and newspaper.

    Mariah’s hobbies include reading and hanging out with family and friends. Her favorite class is Consumer Math, which is taught by her favorite teacher Mrs. Skillen. Mariah’s favorite musical artist is Kesha, but her favorite song is “Havana” by Camila Cabello. Her most memorable high school memory is winning the “Most Spirit” award during homecoming week three years in a row. Mariah’s most embarrassing moment was when she was at Natalie Bauer’s house getting ready for a football game and she accidentally sat in Natalie’s mom's plant and it never grew right after that. When she graduates, Mariah is going to miss seeing her friends everyday and Football Friday's. Mariah’s future plans are to follow in the steps of her Aunt Kathy and become a nurse.




    Marshall Samuel Hansen

    By: Kyle Willenborg

    Marshall Samuel Hansen is the son of Sam and Amy Hansen and has one sister named Miranda. His plans after high school are to enlist in the US Army. Marshall tells underclassmen “if you don't want to do something-then don't do it at all.”

    Marshall’s favorite quote is, “Close only matter in horseshoes and hand grenades,” by the one and only Floyd Forman. He is most inspired whenever he sees the American Flag waving in the wind. Marshall recommends for underclassmen to play football because, “it teaches valuable life lessons.” He has been a member of the Honor Roll, student council, and class officer, along with participating in football, basketball, track, baseball, musical, chorus, and large group speech. Marshall’s favorite hobbies include watching football, lifting, and playing Xbox. His favorite teacher is Kyle Vanderhorst, who teaches Social Studies, and his favorite class is PE. Marshall’s most memorable moment was backing into Coach Vanderhorst’s vehicle after a baseball game. He is going to miss hanging out with his friends during school.




    Megan Swanson

    By: Kyle Willenborg

    Megan Marie Swanson is the daughter of Brenda and Jerry Swanson and has two sisters Briana and Jessica along with one brother, Skylair Johnson. Her future plans are to attend the Western Iowa Tech Community College in Denison to study nursing. Megan's advice to underclassmen is to, “not wait until the last minute, you'll regret it,” and her senior quote is, “you have to be odd to be number one.” Megan's biggest inspiration is when someone tells her she is doing a good job.

    Megan will remember taking Mrs. Erb’s classes as they were “super-fun,” and “she was like a mom to all of her students and would take the time to talk to you-when you needed it.” The activities she has been in are Honor Roll and the newspaper. Megan's favorite teacher is Mrs. McCarville who teachers her favorite class, Oral Communications. Her most cherished school memory is, “having holiday parties in elementary school, because we always got candy for Christmas. We were each a ‘secret santa’ and would buy a present for another student.”

    Megan's most embarrassing moment was during her freshman year in Foods I when she accidently spilled the gravy for Thanksgiving and no one else got any. What she will miss most about high school is seeing all of her friends and having easy classes-because college will be a lot more work!



    Natalie Bauer

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Natalie Jo Bauer is the daughter of Tammy Otto and Kevin Boersma and also Misty and Barry Bauer. Natalie has one brother Devontay Hocken and six sisters: Jasmine, Tori, Veronica, Tia, Vivian Bauer, and Chloe Otto.

    Over the years, Natalie has learned not to put school work off until the last minute, therefore her advice to underclassmen is, “Don't procrastinate!” During high school she has been involved with volleyball, newspaper, and she was also on the Honor Roll. Natalie's favorite teacher is Mrs. McCarville, who teaches English, though her favorite class is Consumer Math. Her favorite song is, “Mercy” which is sung by Brett Young, but her favorite artist is Carrie Underwood.

    Natalie’s favorite hobby is hanging out with friends who she will really miss when she is out of high school. Natalie’s senior quote comes from Dr. Seuss who said, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” After Natalie graduates this spring, she plans on staying home, taking online classes, and working.



    Paige Wind Gaskill

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Paige Wind Gaskill is the daughter of Shane Gaskill and Windy Stricker. Paige has two sisters, Renee and Haylie Keast, and two brothers Andrew Keast and AJ Gaskill. In her freetime, Paige likes to hangout and have a good time with her “friendz” and will miss seeing them everyday. Paige’s most embarrassing moment of highschool was, “when I came to school with my Nike shorts inside out.” For people that don’t know, some Nike shorts have built in underwear-like these did. She explained that she, “luckily was wearing black shorts and the built in underwear were also black-but other students could tell they were inside out and no one mentioned it until 2nd period!” Paige enjoys chicken alfredo and country music, but her favorite song is “Despacito,” by Justin Bieber.

    During her four years of high school, Paige participated in yearbook, volleyball, basketball, and softball, with her favorite memory being when the softball team went to state her freshman year. Paige’s senior quote is, "Any pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself,” and her advice to underclassmen is, “get your stuff done, but also have some fun.” Paige’s favorite teacher was Virgil Peterson (her 5th and 6th grade social studies teacher), but her favorite subject is Math. After high school she plans on attending Iowa State University to earn her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education.



    Payton Marie Sporrer

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Payton Marie Sporrer is the twin sister of Shyanne and the daughter of Tim & Lori Sporrer. She plans on attending college at the University of Iowa. Payton has two favorite teachers, Mr. McCarville and Mrs. McCarville but her favorite subject is Art. Her favorite song is, "Where Does The Good Go?" by Tegan and Sara, although her favorite group is the Lumineers. Payton's hobbies include painting, spending time with her animals, and hanging out with her friends and cousins.

    Payton's advice to underclassmen is, “Don't forget to stop every once and awhile and smell the roses.” She recommends that underclassmen try every activity and class they possibly can because they would be surprised how many things they might enjoy. “If things start happening, don't worry, don't stew, just go right along and you'll start happening too,” is her senior quote from Dr. Seuss.

    Payton has been involved in cross country, basketball, track and field, softball, marching band, pep band, concert band, jazz band, fall musical, play, FFA, and livestock judging. She is also a member of National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Student Council, and is a Class Officer. Her favorite school memory was “when we joined classes with the IKM kids my 5th grade year.” Payton’s most embarrassing moments have been “dropping her very full water bottle onto the hallway floor and having ice and water go everywhere ...possibly even a few times.” Payton will really miss her classmates once her high school days are over. “We’ve shared many memories and laughs together as a class since we have practically grown up together. It's going to be hard to let that all go.” Payton has participated in the following musicals and plays: Cinderella, High School Musical, and A Family Reunion to Die For. Her favorite memory from her musical experience is “when Alex Heiman ‘accidentally’ shot me in the face with a Nerf Gun when we were practicing a scene for A Family Reunion to Die For.”



    Peyton Gross

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Peyton Lynn Gross, the daughter of Paul and Joy Gross, has one older sister Taylor. Some of Peyton’s hobbies include playing with her pets along with hanging out with her sister and friends. Peyton plans to play softball at Buena Vista University and major in finance after she gets her diploma in the spring.

    Peyton’s senior quote is “Be thankful for all the troubles that you don't have,” and her advice to underclassmen is “Don't procrastinate.” The activities she has been active in are National Honor Society, volleyball, basketball, softball, marching band, pep band, concert band, honor band, solo/ensemble band, musical, and CYO. Peyton has been on both the Honor Roll and on the Student Council.

    Peyton enjoys listening to her favorite artists Beyoncé and Taylor Swift while eating some of her favorite foods: crispitos, boneless wings, and brownies! Mrs. Lottridge-Polzien is her favorite teacher even though her favorite subject is math. Peyton shared that her favorite moment in highschool was “Participating in state softball my freshman year.”




    Quentin Thomas Brown

    By: Kyle Willenborg

    Quentin Thomas Brown is the son of Hope and Robert Brown and has two siblings, Lucas and Ambyr. His plans are to work for his family after high school, trucking and farming.

    Quentin’s advice to underclassmen is to complete all of their required classes as soon as possible, and his senior quote is, “if you ran as fast as your mouth, you’d be in good shape!” The activities he has been involved with include football, FFA, and soil judging. Quentin's favorite classes are any that are taught by his two favorite teachers, Mr. Casey and Mr. Booth.




    Seth Deets

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Seth Robert Deets is the son of Traci and Gary Deets, along with having two brothers Nick and Eli, and three sisters Bonnie, Bailey, and Emma. Seth advises underclassmen to try new things no matter what other people think and recommends underclassmen to “attempt the things you never thought you would do.”

    Seth encourages self determination because, “I am motivated everyday to be better than I was the day before.” His senior quote is, “I may not be remembered, but what I did will be.” In school, he enjoys football, wrestling, and track, while outside of school he spends as much time as he can in nature and camping. Seth appreciates all of his teachers and doesn’t have a favorite, but does like his Shop classes the most.

    Seth often listens to Country music, although Canadian pop singer Mac Demarco is his favorite artist. His most embarrassing moment was falling on the stage in front of the entire school. Seth plans to finish basic training by completing Advanced Individual Training and then attend college for Engineering.




    Seth Woebke

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Seth Andrew Woebke is the son of Beth Ziegmann and Clint Woebke and is the oldest brother to Kennah and Reagan. Seth’s advice to underclassmen is “Get your homework done on time,” while his senior quote is, “Just gonna send it.” His favorite teacher is Mr. Booth and his favorite class is Foods I. His hobbies include hunting, trapping, and fishing, and listening to his favorite band Red Hot Chili Peppers while eating his favorite food, tacos. Seth’s favorite song is “Brand New,” by Soco Amaretto Lime. Seth plans on attending college after graduation, but he will miss seeing all of his friends daily.



    Shauna Lynn Reitan

    By: Raine Meneough

    Shauna Lynn Reitan is the daughter of Steve and Sheila Reitan, along with being the sister of Samantha Burkhalter, and Stephanie & Steven Reitan. Throughout high school Shauna has participated in volleyball, football cheerleading, basketball, track, dance, gymnastics, the fall musical, the spring play, Individual Speech, choir, All-State Choir, solo/ensemble choir, church choir, Honor Roll, is a class officer, and has been a member of the National Honor Society. After graduation Shauna plans attending Graceland University to major in either Psychology or Sociology.

    Shauna enjoys spending her free time with her family and watching Grey’s Anatomy.  She also likes listening to her favorite band, Casting Crowns and eating steak. In school, Shauna’s favorite teacher Mr. Runyan, the band instructor, while her favorite class is choir. The theatre productions she’s been apart during high school include: Hee Haw Hayride, Zombie Night, High School Musical, A Family Reunion to Die For, and Cinderella. Shuana’s favorite experience from all of them is being able to perform on stage and have fun.

    Throughout all her life experiences, she’s able to advise underclassmen, “your parents are always right!” Her senior quote is “Hold on to the times that you are happy and the times that you aren't.. keep holding on.” Shauna's motivation comes from her doubters, and she recommends others “take risks and what you want.” Her most embarrassing moment was “all of my freshman year,” and her favorite school memory was “realizing my mom is right about everything...”



    Shyanne Faith Sporrer

    By: Raine Meneough

    Shyanne Faith Sporrer is the twin sister of Payton Sporrer and the daughter of Tim and Lori Sporrer. Throughout high school, Shyanne has taken part in the fall musical, cross country, track and field, softball, class officer, along with her memberships in National Honor Society, Honor Roll, and Student Council. Of all her Art classes, Painting has been the one she enjoyed most, while her favorite teacher is Mrs. Lottridge-Polzien who teaches English. Outside of school, Shyanne enjoys reading and hangout with her friends. Her favorite band is The Lumineers, while “Red Ragtop” by Tim McGraw, is her favorite song.

    Due to her leg injury in spring of last softball season, Shyanne’s senior quote is “When people tell you to break a leg, don’t take them literally!” Her most embarrassing high school memory happened last year at the Buena Vista Track meet when “My sister Payton went to hand me the baton and I tripped over another girl and completely wiped out.” Shyanne’s advice for underclassmen is, “This moment will pass by quickly, so make it count.” When everything is all said and done this May, “I am going to miss seeing my friends everyday at school and going to the cross country meets with my teammates.”



    Tanner McLaws

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Tanner Roy McLaws is the son of Douglas and Tiffany McLaws. Tanner has four siblings Kaden, Mason, Joel, and Lindsey. Tanner’s future plans are to serve on a two year church mission before attending Dixie State University in Saint George, Utah. His advice to underclassmen is, “Do stuff you enjoy in high school, or you will learn nothing.”

    Tanner’s senior quote is by Mewtwo,  "The circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant, it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."  He recommends that everyone should try Speech, because it can teach a lot of life skills that will be useful in your future. While in high school, Tanner was a part of Honor Roll, student council, class officer, Quiz Bowl, cross country, marching band, pep band, concert band, jazz band, honor band, solo/ensemble band, musical, play, large group speech, individual speech, choir, all-state choir, honor choir, solo/ensemble choir, and winter and summer swim team. His favorite class is Calculus, taught by Mr. Benton, though his treasured teacher is Miss Book.

    Tanner will look back and remember performing a Pokemon dance at the 2017 prom Talent Show with Scott Halbur. His most embarrassing moment was when  “I had the lead speaking part in a choir song, and I forgot the words I was supposed to say, so I stood there and desperately sought help from Miss Book or the other lead speaker, Neeka Jacobsen.” He will miss seeing all the teachers, his classmates, and being involved with all the musicals and plays over the years including: Hee Haw Hayride, Zombie Night, Ditch Day, Up the Down Staircase High School Musical, A Family Reunion to Die For, and Cinderella. Tanner’s cherished acting memory was when Riley Willison put a corn dog in his wig, and started eating it mid-show in Hee Haw Hayride.





    Taylor Joann Croghan

    By: Raine Meneough

    Taylor Joann Croghan is the daughter of Brain and Stacie Croghan, and the younger sister to Jessica. She has participated in volleyball, cheerleading, softball, trap shooting, fall musical, spring play, large group speech, individual speech, choir, and solo/ensemble choir, Taylor is also a member of the National Honor Society and being on the Honor Roll. After she receives her diploma in May, Taylor plans to attend DMACC in Ankeny to pursue a career in Criminal Justice, in honor of her late relative Bill Croghan. In her free time, Taylor enjoys hunting, fishing, and watching ISU games with friends and family. Her advice for underclassmen is, “Earn as much money as you can as a freshman and sophomore so you can have the best years as an upperclassmen,” along with “have fun, and forget the drama.” She also would tell them that “no one in college will really care what you accomplished in high school.” Most importantly, “Do what makes you smile!” Taylor’s senior quote is, “Water is NOT wet!-just google it.”

    Taylor enjoys all genres of music, but Big Sean is her favorite artist, and Chinese is her favorite type of food. The teacher she likes best is Mr. Vanderhorst, who teaches Social Studies, and her favorite class is Government. Taylor’s most memorable school moments include when her friends Carter Irlmeier and Katie Wasner got ‘married’ all the way back in Kindergarten during recess. Second was when “no one believed me that water is NOT wet until we googled it in Algebra II, and I was right!” Finally, all the fun her class has had trying to getting Mr. Benton off task by talking about his ‘math store.’ She shared that her most embarrassing moment was when “I got food poisoning the day of my first varsity softball game at Treynor and I had to run off the field.”

    The musicals and plays Taylor has been involved with include: Hee Haw Hayride, Zombie Night, Ditch Day, High School Musical, and Cinderella. Her favorite acting memory was when “we were supposed to have an intermission during Zombie Night, but Miss Book cancelled it and half of the cast, including me, didn’t get the memo. During the next Act, I was supposed to be on stage-and I completely missed my solo.” Taylor will most miss “seeing everyone and having fun in all my classes!”




    Tiffani Mae Beck

    By: Kyle Willenborg

    Tiffani Mae Beck, the daughter of Don and Trisha Beck, has two sisters, Brenna and Olivia. Tiffani plans on attending DMACC for two years, and then transferring to UNI to get her teaching degree in Special Education. One of Tiffani’s favorite high school moments was when she had the chance to work with a special education student each day during her sophomore year while also getting involved with Special Olympics events. Her advice for underclassmen is to “get involved” and recommends volunteering with Special Olympics events such as bowling, track and field, basketball, and softball.

    Tiffani’s senior quote is, “just winging it, life, eyeliner, and everything.” The activities she has been in include volleyball, winter and summer swim team, and newspaper. Tiffani’s favorite hobbies are watching netflix, driving around, and hanging out with her nieces and nephew. Tiffani’s favorite food is the Queso Dip from El Jimador, and she likes listening to music by Garth Brooks and Thomas Rhett. Tiffani’s favorite class is Foods, and her favorite teachers are Mrs. Erb and Ms. Newman.

    Tiffani’s most embarrassing high school moment was “when we were out TP-ing my senior year and I parked behind ‘4-Corners.’ When I went back to leave, my car wouldn't start. After failing to get it started by myself, I had at least ten people trying to help me. The next day my dad had it towed to a shop, and later, they called him and said that I just left it in gear.”



    Trent Jordan Neiheisel

    By: Kyle Willenborg

    Trent Jordan Neiheisel is the son of Matthew Heiheisel, and Amber and Corey Otto. His sisters are Brooklyn, Abby, Katherine, and Presley while his brothers are JP and Ryker. Trent plans on attending DMACC in Ankeny to study Diesel Technology and then start driving for his family's trucking business.


    Trent’s senior quote comes from Steve Martin, "A day without sunshine is like, you know...night." During high school he was involved with football, FFA, 4-H, Soil Judging and newspaper. Trent enjoys riding four-wheelers, playing video games, working on his truck and eating his favorite food, rhubarb cake, which is made by the mother of his ‘good buddy,’ Eli Riessen. Trent’s favorite teacher is Mr. Booth who teaches all the agriculture classes, including Horticulture which is his favorite class.


    Trent's favorite type of music is rap, hip hop, and country, though his favorite band is AC/DC. His most embarrassing moment while in high school was being the new kid freshman year. His favorite school memory is “honking at Kevin Lingle every morning as Kevin drove the bus through the high school parking lot.”





    William Andrade

    By: Raine Meneough

    William Jesus Andrade is the son Ricardo & Martha Andrade and the older brother to Eddie and Richie. Upon graduation, he plans on serving the country in the Marine Corps and would like to be in the Infantry. William encourages underclassmen to, “Have fun, and don't be afraid to try new things by stepping out of your comfort zone.” His senior quote is, “The more work you put into something, the more you'll get out-hard work pays!” William is motivated when he sees results, and working closer to goals he has set. He recommends, “Take your hardest classes during your first few years and then your senior year will be filled with easy and fun classes.” William’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Skillen who teaches his favorite class, Consumer Math. He enjoys eating chicken breast, listening to Linkin Park or Kid Cudi, and in his freetime William likes to work out and lift weights.




    Wyntr Loraine Stokes

    By: Eli Deets

    Wyntr Loraine Stokes is the daughter of Clay and September Nee. Her siblings consist of Milo Kendal, Brookes Baxter, Izzy LaFleur, Irvin LaFleur, Greg LaFleur, Austin Goodwater, Storm Nee and Megan Nee. “What motivates me is my family. Everyday I wake up and want nothing more than to see them smile. I would go for miles and miles to see them smile. I would do almost anything for them. For without my wolfpack I am nothing.”

    Wyntr’s advice to underclassmen is to “make new friends, and try new things,” along with “be true to who you are and let no one influence who you choose to be.” She suggests if you love art-try some classes with Mrs. Ferneding. If you love music-join choir, and if you love Ag-try Mr. Booth's classes. Wyntr shared one of her favorite school memories when “on my birthday, one year, when when I was having a tough time, some of my classmates bought me gifts.” In her free time Wyntr’s hobbies are cooking, reading, and she loves to garden. Her senior quote is “Beauty and Grace come from the strangest of places; yet Beauty and Grace come from every place. After graduation, Wyntr plans to attend Job Corps to continue with her education and work towards a nursing degree.




    Zach Daniel Grove

    By: Kimberly Borosko

    Zach Daniel Grove is the son of Dan & Chantelle Grove and Barb Grove & John Myer. Zach has four sisters Paige, Lacey, Crystal, and Cydney and three brothers Bart, Collin, and Tyler. Zach’s hobbies are “playing the guitar and driving around with my friends.” His favorite band is Stone Temple Pilots and his favorite song by them is “Creep.”

    The activities Zach participated in while in high school were football, track, marching band, pep band, concert band, jazz band, solo/ensemble band, choir, solo/ensemble choir. Zach said his most embarrassing moment was when, “I had to change my shirt because it was not appropriate.” After graduating, Zach shared that he is “going to miss seeing his friends everyday.” Zach’s future plans are to “go to DMACC and become a wind turbine technician.”



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Spreading the Word to End the Word

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  March 7 was a big day at IKM-Manning. Earlier this year on November 22, both the high school and middle school were recognized as United Champions Schools by Special Olympics. United Champions Schools . . . read more

Sporrer & Gross earn IGCA Academic Awards

November 25, 2017

Congrats to Payton Sporrer and Peyton Gross.   Both are IGCA Academic All-Staters in XC and VB respectively. read more

STEM Council welcomes IKM-Manning as a STEM BEST Partner in Iowa

Nineteen school-business partnerships equipped to bridge the world of work to the

October 22, 2017

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa  – The Iowa Governor’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Advisory Council has awarded 19 new STEM BEST® ( Businesses Engaging Students and Teachers ) Partnerships across Iowa. . . . read more

IKM-Manning Students Design HWY 141 Art

By Langel, Luann | December 1, 2017

After 3 years of planning & preparing, the Hwy 141 Art project unveiled on Monday, December 11th! Students from IKM-Manning Multimedia Design class used Photoshop to create the design concepts for each piece. Their creations were . . . read more

IKM-Manning HS Wins Workforce Warrior Award

October 4, 2017

IKM-Manning HS was one of the recipients of the Workforce Warrior Award today at the Iowa Workforce Employer Educator Summit. Their application focused on the new STEM BEST Program partnering students with businesses. A special shout out to . . . read more

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